Tech is The Number One Industry For Workplace Drinking

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Drinking on the job is frowned upon in most workplaces. However, the tech industry seems to have a special place in its heart for the hard stuff.

From boozy mixers to in-office beer taps, there’s no denying that the industry relies heavily on alcohol as a favoured staff perk.

In a survey with more than 1,000 respondents, Niznik Behavioral Health found that the tech industry took home the prize for the most drinking-friendly workplaces.

The construction industry came in second with marketing and advertising taking third place.

53% of companies in the tech industry use alcohol at team bonding events. A further 35% of tech firms offer company-sponsored happy hours.

So, why is there a focus on alcohol? Well, according to the study almost half (49%) of the employees across all industries (not just tech) thought that drinking with a coworker or their boss would improve their relationship.

However, it’s all about moderation. Most of the respondents said that two drinks was the right amount.

What about the employees that don’t drink?

Of the 35% of respondents who prefer not to drink at a work event, 22.3% said they would give an excuse just to avoid the work event entirely.

15.8% said they would drink anyway while 11.5% of respondents said they would pretend to drink at such an event.

What can we learn from this study?

It’s clear that the tech industry needs to create more ”dry” events so that employees are able to socialise and network without feeling the pressure to drink.

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