Good news guys: here are 5 lovely things that happened in the world this week

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We all need some good news these days.

Another week in the bag folks, and what a week it was! As we head into the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, no doubt many of you are feeling a little fed up. 

You might have had plans that you’ve had to cancel, you probably wanted to spend the few days with your family and friends, none of which is really possible at the moment. It isn’t easy. 

However, as I’ve said before, this isn’t forever, and life will return to what it once was eventually. And when it does, it will be that little bit sweeter. 

Until then, I want to share some good news stories with you every week, to take away from the doom and gloom that had been populating the news over the last few weeks.

Dr Leo is going back to work

Our very own Leo Varadkar is heading back to work! 

The Taoiseach has renewed his medical license so he can volunteer as a doctor one day a week, to help fight the Coronavirus. How amazing is that? Varadkar worked as a doctor for seven years but gave up his practice to go into politics. His name was removed from the medical registry in 2013. “Many of his family and friends are working in the health service. He wanted to help out even in a small way,” the spokesperson said. He’d make you proud, wouldn’t he?

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Twitter founder makes massive contribution

Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey has donated an incredible $1 BILLION to support relief efforts for COVID-19. That’s 28% of his net worth, which is pretty amazing. He tweeted on Tuesday that he would donate to charitable fund Start Small to fund “global COVID-19 relief.” He also said that all the money will be tracked on a public Google sheet, to allow for full financial transparency. What a man! 

Feeding the frontline 

Chefs from Michelin-starred restaurants in Dublin, Kildare and Waterford are cooking meals for front-line workers dealing with the coronavirus crisis and also for those cocooning, who are unable to leave their homes. The Greenhouse chefs’ project, which will launch on April 14th, will see Mickael Viljanen, Mark Moriarty and Paddy Lee working in the kitchen at Fallons of Kilcullen, cooking at least 200 meals a day to be distributed to front-line workers. Love to see it! 

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Matthew McConaughey Bingo

Oscar-winner Matthew McConaughey spent last weekend on Zoom hosting bingo for the elderly at a Senior Living centre. McConaughey, along with his wife, children, and mother, all crowded in front of the camera to play bingo and cheer for the players. God that would warm the cockles of your heart, wouldn’t it?

101 year-old makes a full recovery

Well, this would give anyone hope, wouldn’t it? A 101-year-old Italian man is back home with his family after surviving coronavirus infection. Wildly, the same man actually survived the Spanish Flu back in 1918. Speaking about the patient, Gloria Lisi, deputy mayor of Rimini, said: “It shows us that even at 101 years the future is not written.” Wonderful! 

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Have a wonderful weekend, and be safe. 

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