Good news round up! 5 nice things that happened this week

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We all need a good news round up these days.

We did it! Another week in the bag folks, and what a week it was!

I know things are getting harder as the days go on, and it feels like there is no end in sight. However, as I’ve said before, this isn’t forever, and life will return to what it once was eventually. And when it does, it will be that little bit sweeter. 

Until then, I want to share some good news stories with you every week, to take away from the doom and gloom that had been populating the news over the last few weeks.

good news round up

Three words: Captain Tom Moore

Can we all just take a second to appreciate this wonderful human? 

Captain Tom Moore, a 99-year-old British World War II veteran, has raised more than £12 million in his fundraising challenge for frontline health workers by walking laps of his garden.

He’s being sponsored to complete 100 lengths of his 25-metre garden in time for his 100th birthday at the end of the month. Originally Tom planned to raise £1,000 for the NHS after receiving treatment for a broken hip and cancer. We’re honestly emotional.

LEGO are making masks

The lovely folks at LEGO have offered to help the fight against the Coronavirus, and fair play to them.

The company’s Billund-based factory in Denmark has reworked some of their machinery to make more than 13,000 plastic masks every day. The masks will reportedly be distributed to hospitals and medical facilities across the country. 

Andrea Bocelli went live

So last weekend, we celebrated Easter, and it was certainly one we won’t forget for many years to come. We were, mostly, inside, unable to spend it with those close to us. But, it wasn’t all doom and gloom.

The talented Andrea Bocelli performed live in Duomo Di Milano, Italy’s largest Cathedral. He live-streamed the special holiday concert as a musical message of hope for the world. It would bring a tear to your eye, lads. 

Study finds we’re more comfortable in ourselves

Well, isn’t this a silver lining and a half? A study conducted in the UK has found that as a result of working from home, and social distancing, we’ve all become a bit more comfortable in our own skin. Lovely.

The poll of 2,000 adults found that most respondents were content with who they saw in the mirror. In fact, more than 67% said they prefer a “natural look”—both for themselves and for other people, as well.

good news round up

Hope for the environment

John Sodeau, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, at University College Cork has said that an improvement in air quality, which he said can be seen after just one month of Covid-19 restrictions, should show politicians how the population’s health can also improve when the chemical pollutants in the air are reduced.

good news round up

That’s ur good news round up everyone! Have a great weekend folks, and look after each other. 

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