5 tips for a successful email marketing campaign

By November 12, 2020For Companies

Are you planning an email marketing campaign at the moment?

Have you found that during the year you just weren’t quite getting the conversion rates you’d hoped for? In the run up to Christmas (yeah, I went there), a lot of businesses will be running special festive email marketing campaigns, and we want to make sure you make the most of them. 

It’s not always easy getting it right, and it takes practice, however I’ve compiled a few handy tips on how to create high-converting copy… 

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Subject lines

When you send someone an email, the subject line will be the first thing they read, and ultimately, it will decide for that person whether or not to open the email. Be smart with what you choose to say, and remember that people open emails because they want to get some benefit from it in some way. Don’t be afraid to really grab attention here. 

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Make it personal

It seems like such a simple thing, but using a person’s name in the subject line, or within the email, can really make a difference. It will get the readers attention, and will also give them a human like feel to the email. But, you can actually go further with this.

You can send different emails depending on the age, gender, and location of your audience, allowing you to tap into specifics for each demographic. 

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Think about how you write

At the end of the day, this isn’t an email to a friend you haven’t seen in years, or your cousin in Australia. Keep it short and snappy, and write the email almost like you would normal web copy. Don’t be afraid to use bullet points, short sentences and subheadings to break up the text. This all boils down to readability!  

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Don’t be too excited

When you’re working on an email marketing campaign, you’ll more than likely want to shout about it. And when I say shout, I mean using ALL CAPS and loads of exclamation points!!! However, this will give your email a spam-look, which will ultimately effect the open rate.  

Psychology is key

Sometimes, you need to tap into the minds of your audience in a real way, in order to run a successful email marketing campaign. What do I mean? As human beings, our brains are wired to react in predictable ways to certain types of input. Use what you know about your audience to tap into things like fear of missing out (FOMO), your choice of colours and images. 

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