Inside scoop: What life is really like working at MD7

We sat down with MD7 to get the inside scoop…

Founded in 2003, MD7 has deep roots in mobile networks and has grown to provide comprehensive expertise to operators throughout the world. They understand mobile infrastructure is a valuable asset requiring disciplined management and investment in a rapidly advancing landscape. As the only dedicated global provider of mobile infrastructure consulting, they believe in extreme partnership and a personalised approach to every opportunity.

We recently chatted with Svenja Moore, the Office Manager at MD7 Dublin, to get the low down on why it’s a great place to work. Safe to say, I was impressed, so I decided to share the wealth, and fill you all in on this exciting company, and all it has to offer. 

MD7 prides itself in its core values: Respect for the Individual, Balanced Life, Giving Back, Continuous Improvement, Extreme Service and Integrity. These are at the foundation of MD7. 

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“Our company culture is based on our Core Values, which we continually work towards. MD7’s culture is also shaped by everything from our start-up beginnings, the innovative and diverse people that make up MD7, our incredible journey so far, and the goals we aspire to,” Svenja explained. 

“Our goal is to enjoy the work we do by providing both a great team atmosphere and somewhere people can look forward to showing up to each day.”

The concept of “Respect for the Individual” shines a particular light on how MD7 values and champions diversity. The MD7 family is very diverse, with people bringing their cultures to the office. “This is something we really celebrate,” explains Svenja.  

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“We have a diversity group at MD7 that invites a certain number of employees to meet and share about diversity, what it means to each individual and what a huge positive impact it can have for a company. As a multilingual environment, we appreciate diversity and inclusion and the benefits every individual brings to MD7.”

Don’t get me wrong, a great company culture is amazing, but these days, people do look for more (yeah, we’re talking about perks folks, don’t deny that you want to know.) In the MD7 Dublin office, they offer health insurance, dental insurance, additional holiday benefits, plus, in a post COVID world you get gym membership, fun team events and an opportunity to work in an ever-growing industry with endless opportunities. SIGN.US.UP.

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But above all that, MD7 cares about the health of their people. They have a wellbeing program that’s run by their US office. Once a month every employee can join the various health topics that are being discussed, with the latest one being on mental health. 

They also offer an Employee Assistance Programme, which is confidential and independent to MD7. Employees can call this hotline free of charge and avail of free consultations for any personal or professional issues they might be facing. 

If all this sounds like your cup of tea (we can’t imagine why it wouldn’t tbh), then there’s a few things you should know about what it is that MD7 are looking for in their talent.

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“We find that the candidates who are most suitable for the positions are those who are very open and honest about what they are looking for and what their skill sets are. After all, we are looking for talented people to fit within our company’s culture,” says Svenja. 

“Be prepared, be your authentic self and show your skills.” – Great advice for every aspect of life, in fairness. 

If you are looking to join the ranks at MD7, the most common positions they hire for are Sales and Admin based positions with different language requirements. They are always on the lookout for talented inside sales representatives, especially for the German market.

Other positions such as Administration or similar Italian and English-speaking roles come up regularly also, so keep an eye out on their Jobbio profile for openings! 


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