5 brilliant Growth Marketing roles you need to apply for

So many great Growth Marketing roles! 

As we all start returning to a normal, covid-free life, a lot of us may start looking to make some changes. Especially when it comes to our careers. For the last 18 months or so, we’ve all been doing our best to keep our heads above water, but now feels like a great time to change things up, right?

If you are looking for a new and exciting growth role, then you are most certainly in the right place. We have so many amazing companies posting roles on the regular, and this week we decided to highlight some of them, who are all actively recruiting for exciting positions.

Check them out…

Head of Growth, Sitly, Amsterdam or Remote

Would you like to make a real impact, by working on a platform that touches the lives of millions of parents and children? Then this might be the role for you. Sitly is an online platform that provides access to child care by connecting families, nannies and babysitters in 12 countries across Europe, Latin and North America. Sitly’s user base grows by the millions every year and they have set ambitious goals for their community and geographical coverage for the next few years.

The company is seeking a Head of growth to wrangle the complexity inherent in growing an online platform across multiple channels. The Head of growth will be responsible for leading the growth marketing team, and for analysing, and continuously improving their marketing, testing, reporting and tooling, to increase user acquisition, decrease CAC and increase customer LTV.

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Lead Marketing Manager, Napo, London

Napo is an Insurtech start-up committed to creating innovative, customer-centric and transparent products & services to help pet owners keep their pet healthy and happy.

They are looking for a self-starter with very strong marketing fundamentals to join them and launch their product to the world.

As the Lead Marketing Manager you will own the development and execution of the brand’s acquisition strategy. To succeed with Napo, you must be fundamentally data-driven, able work on a tight budget, ready to try new things and not overly attached to a particular channel. The ideal candidate will have 5+ years of experience in Marketing or Growth, preferably in a large-scale B2C operation along with strong problem solving skills; you use data to build and constantly improve your strategy. Operational skills and solid leadership experience, with a deep understanding of consumer business and strong business acumen will also be required. 

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VP of Growth Marketing, Flow Research Collective (remote)

The Flow Research Collective is a rapidly growing peak performance research and training organisation that is focused on the neuroscience of flow states. They train business leaders to improve their performance by accessing flow more consistently. Their Executive Director is New York Times bestselling author Steven Kotler. 

Having bootstrapped their way to an eight figure run rate in the last eighteen months, the Flow Research Collective is ready to expand its impact, and scale farther and faster. As VP of Growth Marketing, you will lead this effort. You’ll be tasked with designing an ironclad marketing strategy, scaling our existing channels, building out new channels, improving our messaging, elevating our positioning and taking us to the next level. They’re offering extremely competitive compensation with generous bonuses tied to achievement of KPI goals.

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Growth Hacker, TeachKloud (Cork) 

Cork-based TeachKloud is looking for an experienced growth hacker! In the first 30 days, you’ll be expected to create a growth plan // customer acquisition strategy plan for TeachKloud. They need to refine their current marketing tactics and implement 1-3 new key strategies to improve growth. This plan should incorporate written and visual elements to explain high-level concepts. You’ll also review the platform and current strategies with recommendations to increase customer acquisition (e.g. pricing, personalising customer experience, measuring data driven ROI, targeting individual segments (parents, teachers and school owners), referrals, right message with the right channels). 

You’ll collaborate with channel-specific marketing teammates (blogging, rapidly testing email copy, social media, webinars / event team, optimising landing pages) to identify areas for growth while also identifying, testing and optimising marketing tactics for customer acquisition (e.g. online advertising, direct mail, out of home, affiliate) and conversion rate optimisation.

Growth Marketing Manager, Wonder.me (remote)

Wonder is poised for growth and needs an action-oriented growth leader to drive conversion across the purchase funnel.

They’ve been growing organically at incredible rates and now is the time to turn on the real growth muscles. For someone interested in taking initiative, embracing high levels of responsibility and autonomy, and getting to balance both strategy and execution, this role offers a unique chance to directly influence top priorities at the company.

If you have experience working with significant budgets and the skills to identify and execute growth opportunities, this may be the job for you!

The ideal candidate will have 3+ years experience in content creation including, but not limited to, SEO, landing pages, blogs, display, and social, along with experience using blogging software such as WordPress. You will be no stranger to strong original content creation and have storytelling skills across mediums including blogs, social, infographics, and use case features. 

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