3 companies that are actively hiring Marketing talent

These companies are doing really cool things! 

Are you on the hunt for a new job? If you answered yes, then we have some pretty great news for you. There seems to be a hiring surge at the moment, which is just brilliant news. After a long and difficult lockdown, companies are coming out the other side – expanding while they do so. 

We wanted to give you an idea of the types of places looking for talent right now, so here are three major companies that are looking for talent…

Check them out…

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Wonder is a space where you can connect to others in a more spontaneous and fluid way. You move around freely between groups. It’s fun, creative and energising. They call this concept fluid togetherness, and they reckon it’s the future of how people will connect online. Their mission is to give the world a space where groups can meet and talk. 

At Wonder, they care about two core things. They want to build a product that users love spending time with, and they want to create a community of people who find fulfilment in focused, creative work.

Wonder is actively hiring right now, so head on over to their careers page to check out the opportunities available. 

marketing talent

Flow Research Collective

The Flow Research Collective is a research and training organisation. Their mission: to understand the science behind ultimate human performance and use it to train up individuals and organisations. By decoding the neurobiology of flow—understanding what is going on in the brain and in the body when humans are performing at their best— they can open up a new possibility space for human potential. 

They help entrepreneurs, executives and athletes get more flow so they can benefit from the performance enhancements that the state provides. Amplified productivity. Improved decision making. Heightened creativity. The list goes on. 


TeamSnap is a sports and communication platform dedicated to empowering play in youth sports. They value trust, communication, and fun more than big company policies. They empower their people to bring big ideas and tiny egos which has landed them on Outside Magazine’s list of “Best Places to Work” on the regular.

Founded in 2009, TeamSnap is the #1 platform for organising youth, recreational, and competitive sports activities. Over 25 million users use TeamSnap’s web and smartphone apps to communicate and coordinate everything for the team, club, and season.

Your next move is just a few clicks away folks! 

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