72% of workers would prefer a €100 bonus instead of a company Christmas party

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Are you surprised by these results?

In the run up to Christmas there are a few hot topics in HR including whether people should attend their office Christmas party, the 4 day working week and Remote workers pay. So we decided to ask our Talent what they thought!

Over 500 workers (530 to be exact!) from Ireland and the UK completed our survey between 5th and 12th November 2021. Read on to find out what talent really wants! 

66% of talent would attend the office in-person Christmas party 

What was interesting about this was that as we looked at responses during the week, the Yes percentage decreased as the week went on. We presume that as this topic was in the news more, and case numbers increased, people began to think about it more and subsequently more people answered No.

We wanted to test people’s answer here so we offered them an alternative. What if your company offered you a €100/£100 bonus instead of attending the company Christmas party? The results here surprised us – 72% of people would take the bonus!

We then moved on to hybrid working. There’s been a lot of research that suggested that most people want a hybrid work life – and to come into the office one or two days per week. So we decided to take a different angle on this and remove the ability for people to have a hybrid option! 

If Hybrid working was not an option, 70% of workers would rather work 100% remotely

So we know more people really want to be working from home than in the office. But what if they were paid differently based on where they worked? Here the responses were very split. There was a slight majority of people that would take more money but come to the office each day. 

So, we now know that if employers really want workers back in the office, they may have to pay them more! 

Next we looked at people that were currently working remotely, and how they felt about it. 30% of people that were working from home admitted to feeling lonely 🙁 

There are possible solutions to loneliness for people that are working remotely. In the last few years we have seen the rise of local digital hubs. These are workspaces where people can go to work that have other remote workers working on them. Our research indicated 35% of workers would prefer to work from a local digital hub

Finally, we looked at the 4 day week. We thought we’d ask the obvious question first! And no surprise with the responses – 91% of workers would want to work a 4 day week

However, when we gave workers 2 options – work 10 hours each day during those 4 days or work 8 hours per day for those 5 days, less people were interested in a 4 day working week. It’s still a huge victory for the 4 day week, with exactly 70% of people saying that they would prefer to work a 4 day working week working 10 hours per day

If you would like to discuss any of our findings in more detail or to see how Jobbio can help you attract the best talent, then get in touch with us – we’re always happy to talk about all things hiring!

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