Looking for a U.S. tech job in 2024? Here’s the best places to look

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As waves of layoffs continue in tech – for in-house staff, and for partners and contractors – both employees and unemployed people are seeking new and stable opportunities for 2024. 

According to Randstad RiseSmart’s latest Global Severance report, which surveyed 433 HR and procurement professionals with responsibility over severance policy, a staggering 96% of companies surveyed have taken some kind of downsizing action over the last 12 months.

Unsurprisingly, over-hiring is cited as the leading cause for layoffs – 73% of survey respondents in the U.S. agreed with this.

And unfortunately, there’s still a lot more to come; 92% of those surveyed say they expect to take some kind of downsizing action in the next 12 months.

AI influence

And while we were warned AI would take jobs, the technology is mostly still too expensive to replace humans, and not sophisticated enough, yet.

Richard Baldwin, economics professor at the Geneva Graduate Institute in Switzerland, recently said that, “AI won’t take your job, it is somebody using AI that will take your job”. 

So while it’s best to upskill in new technologies – including AI and Gen AI – the days of cushy numbers in tech are over. 

The good news is that those who are hiring, are doing so without the funding cash cows accessible before, therefore roles advertised generally take a more strategic, long-term view.

Skills shortage

Plus, it really is a job seeker’s market – if you have the right skills. With cloud, AI and cybersecurity teams expanding so rapidly, tech organizations of all sizes are struggling to fill roles. 

So much so that job site Indeed has launched a new Tech Network, allowing companies to reach passive talent across 50 tech websites, in a bid to tackle the skills shortage in the industry.

Active job seekers would do well to upskill in the most in-demand programming languages, consider a tech bootcamp, and develop their soft skills to increase their chances of landing the best roles.

Here’s where to find your next well-paid tech job.

If you’re a tech generalist

Founded in 1993, Wired magazine has been a leading publisher at the intersection of tech, culture and innovation ever since. A friend to dedicated tech workers and those with a casual interest in emerging technologies, its journalism is accessible to a broad readership. The same goes for Wired Hired, its job board which serves tech workers of all kinds, from Machine Learning Engineers to Sales Leads.

If you’re in tech finance

Though relatively new, Tech Funding News has established itself as a prominent media outlet since it launched in January 2022. By connecting the dots between technology and the financial backing behind the world’s most progressive companies, the publication is uniquely positioned to share exclusives on the capital, investments, partnerships and regulations that shape the industry. The Tech Funding News Job Board features companies like Accenture, Paycom Payroll Llc and PayPal, alongside many more.

If you’re a tech disruptor 

From interactive polls and competitions to its news releases and long reads, HackerNoon really is a two-way street. Not only does it exist as a place for people to read and learn about technology, it also offers publishing opportunities for new writers, and runs well-compensated writing contests to encourage it too. On the HackerNoon Job Board, you’ll find leading organizations like Blue Origin, Oracle, NVIDIA and DataAnnotation.

If you’re an engineer

Based on Fifth Avenue, Interesting Engineering was originally founded as a Blogspot in 2011 by Hüseyin Kilic when still a student at Turkey’s University of Gaziantep. Now focused on drilling down into the inner workings of the latest scientific breakthroughs, innovations and cultural phenomena, the publication helps readers see the present in a new light, while preparing for the future. As the name suggests, the Interesting Engineering Job Board features roles across tech, but is especially strong for those seeking engineering roles.

If you’re into gaming

With six million monthly uniques, VentureBeat reaches a large audience with tech reporting positioned to help business leaders make smarter decisions. Covering stories under the banners of AI, Security, Data Infrastructure, Automation and Enterprise Analytics, while running events centered on AI impact and the celebrated GamesBeat Summit, VentureBeat Careers has roles corresponding to all of these topics, and is especially strong on engineer and manager roles in gaming.

If you’re seeking entry-level tech jobs 

Featuring guides, tips and helpful listicles, The GradCafe is a useful hub of content for those embarking on the next steps in their educational and professional journeys. If you’re just starting out in the working world, The GradCafe Job Board will help you find your place in it. Whether you’re seeking a paid internship, a graduate role or a PhD opportunity, there are new positions updated daily from organisations like Intel, PwC, Aviva, IBM and AECOM. 

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