DAOs, Pawternity Leave and Big Cloud Salaries: this week’s partner update

The Amply network continues to grow and we’re delighted to continue to welcome new publishing partners. Why are they jumping on board? That’s easy: We connect open job roles and employer brands to global audiences, allowing professionals to find their dream jobs, and companies to find top talent.

Alongside the open roles the job boards offer, we create engaging, relevant content tailored to our partner’s readership. Here’s a little look at some of the content our team produced for our network this week… 

We take a look at DAOs, what they are, the role they are playing in climate change, and how that could have a benefit for career paths. Pawternity leave – did you ever? Yes, it’s a thing and we delve into this adorable company benefit. We also look at the top nine cloud salaries – which makes for some blue sky reading.

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The cloud

What are DAOs and how could they help with climate change and your career?

Built on a blockchain using smart contracts, the power of a DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation) lies in the fact that, due to their decentralised and autonomous nature, no one person governs them, says contributor Lisa Gibbons on our partner Euronews.

Their use is particularly appealing for climate change companies, as they allow individuals to fund the kind of projects and companies they want to see become a reality. They neatly eliminate the need for majority stake investors who may otherwise influence the decisions of the company. 

And DAOs could change the face of work as we know it too, giving people more opportunities to choose projects they want to work on, and with companies they have a genuine say in.

Around the block: joboffers.euronews.com

9 cloud jobs with the biggest salaries

There’s no doubt that the pandemic shifted gears up a notch for government departments and businesses when it came to cloud adoption, writes Jobbio’s Senior Content Manager Kirstie McDermott on VentureBeat. Those who had already put strategies in place thanked their lucky stars — it was relatively straightforward to send teams home, and work could more or less seamlessly carry on with a few adjustments.

Those that had been on the fence about cloud adoption were forced to dive in, accelerating the rate of cloud adoption globally. In fact, global end-user public cloud spending grew by 23% in 2021, according to Gartner. That has also been good news for salaries in the sector – she analyses the results of a new survey on cloud salaries and sees who comes out on top.

Little fluffy clouds: jobs.venturebeat.com

Yes, ‘pawternity leave’ is a real thing — and these 4 companies offer it

Alongside maternity, paternity, and adoptive leave, some forward-thinking businesses are now offering employees pawternity leave, says contributor Pippa Hardy on our partner The Next Web. Yes, they’re actually giving employees time off to welcome a furry friend to their family.

While this perk is definitely still a bit of a novelty, its popularity is growing. Families come in all shapes and sizes, after all. Companies that recognise that pets can mean the world to some people are being praised for their inclusivity. Plus, it’s a great way to boost morale.

Paws for thought: talent.thenextweb.com

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