ChatGPT, hot tech jobs and the importance of employee engagement

By February 17, 2023For Companies

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Our network is constantly expanding and our new partner TechInformed is out of the traps with the low-down on the tech jobs with exciting futures, even in the face of layoffs. On The Next Web, we’re wondering if ChatGPT can help with getting a job. The answer? Well, kind of. And on Growth Business, we look at why a happy and engaged workforce matters, for a host of reasons.

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Can ChatGPT write you the ultimate cover letter?

chatgptCover letters are something many job candidates really struggle with, writes Jobbio’s senior content manager, Kirstie McDermott on The Next Web.

But can you simply get ChatGPT to write a tricky cover letter for you? She tested the tool to see how it would fare writing a cover letter for a software engineering job and the verdict is that ChatGPT can really help a job applicant with the structure of creating a cover letter by offering a very usable framework or template to add onto and personalise. 

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How to improve employee engagement

On our UK partner Growth Business, Jobbio contributor Suzie Coen looks at how high employee engagement has been proven to reduce staff turnover, improve productivity, boost workplace happiness and deliver higher profits.

Gallup estimates low employee engagement costs the global economy £6.7 trillion per year. Ultimately, having an engaged team makes running a business easier, and enables everyone to focus on innovation, process improvement and development.

In a nutshell, having engaged employees simply gives companies a seriously competitive advantage––and is vital to business success.

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Six tech jobs with high growth potential in 2023

Tech layoffs are coming thick and fast, says Kirstie McDermott on TechInformed. It isn’t all bad news, however. 

Job cuts are happening but they tend to be concentrated within specific job segments. Sales roles account for 20% of laid-off tech workers, according to’s founder Roger Lee. Recruiting and HR are suffering too, as these roles fall prey to automation, but there are many tech jobs that are showing growth, and which are expected to continue growing into the future.

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