Tech interview on the horizon? These are things job seekers need to know in 2023

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Prepare to succeed in your next tech interview by reading just some of the tips we’ve been sharing via the Amply network – a global list of leading publishers who are connecting their readers to the best tech roles on the internet. 


In today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape, landing the perfect job requires more than just a well-crafted resume and a solid skill set. As the demand for tech professionals continues to surge, the competition becomes increasingly fierce. To truly stand out and secure the role of your dreams, you need to employ a strategic approach to your tech interview that goes beyond the basics. Here, we explore actionable strategies that can propel you ahead of the competition and set you on the path to career success.

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Why more tech workers are flocking to midsize employers

Where once tech workers flocked to the big tech players, things have changed dramatically in the last year. 

Following large-scale layoffs as the world reemerged after the pandemic “Big tech was no longer made up of fresh, moderately-sized companies,” writes Aoife Barry on Euronews this week. While the layoffs impacted the industry, Silicon Valley had also birthed tech leaders and had inspired swathes of new start-ups and entrepreneurs resulting in a wider field for ambitious tech workers to explore, leading some to opt for smaller or mid-sized companies instead. What’s the appeal?

Smaller companies allow workers the chance to have more ownership over their work (rather than being part of a huge team), and also let them move to different roles more quickly,” writes Barry. “As offices reopened, the usually forward-thinking Big Tech companies quickly started telling their workers to get back to the office as much as possible. In contrast, smaller and midsize companies are offering flexibility. Alongside flexibility, workers can also find in smaller companies the sort of values that they desire in an employer.”

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Tech workers need to plan strategically to beat out the competition at interview stage

Should You Use “White Fonting” On Your Resume?

Getting ahead of the competition starts with the job application process and as Kirstie McDermott reveals on Science Times, savvy job hunters already know that including keywords into résumés that match the job description can go a long way in getting past that initial screening process. 

“Now though, job applicants are taking things a step further, with a hack that’s being called ‘white fonting’, or ‘white wording’.

It involves adding relevant keywords or the full job description into your résumé and then changing the font colour to white. AI can still read it–and hopefully pass your CV onto a recruiter–but human eyes are likely to not see the ‘secret’ white text, because it blends in.”

But while job seekers can easily employ this hack to their gain, the question remains, should they? Read the full feature to understand how it might not always work in their favour. 

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“What are you looking for in your next role?”

This is just one of a few questions you’ll most likely be asked during an interview for a tech role, so preparing your answer ahead of time is a smart move. “Culture fit is just as important as skills and experience and a hiring manager wants to know that the person they hire will not only gel with their team, but embrace the values and culture of the company as a whole,” writes Aoibhinn McBride over on VentureBeat this week.

“Use this question to detail your career goals, where you see yourself in five years and also how you like to work. For example, do you prefer to engage in deep work remotely and use in-office days to collaborate with team members? Are you looking for a fully remote opportunity? Do you want to mentor more junior team members or be mentored by leadership? Now is your chance to lay all your cards on the table.”

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