It’s a new year with new career resolutions, job hunting tips and trends

By January 6, 2023For Companies

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In the first week of 2023, our content team is focusing firmly on what’s new: new career trends, and new jobs are sharply in focus across our partner network. On Tech.EU we look at some job hunting resolutions you’ll need to put in place to get a new job, while on Euronews, 2023’s workplace trends are under scrutiny: just what will workers want this year? And on The Next Web, we examine why January is, in fact, a great month for a job search. Explore all those in more detail below.

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Four Job Hunting New Year’s Resolutions For 2023

Job Hunting

It takes approximately five months, from interview to offer, to secure a new job, and according to online resume builder Zety, only 10% of job applications result in interviews, and job seekers need to send between 30-50 resumes to get hired, writes Jobbio content editor Aoibhinn Mc Bride on Tech.EU.

If a new job is on your new year agenda, relying on previous methods won’t help you maximise your search, especially if you started your search in 2023 and your efforts stalled. Simply identifying your goals for the year ahead won’t work either––because if you really want to make a change you have to implement real, tangible changes. 

Start the search: Tech.EU Jobs

Employee benefits, flexibility, well-being: Here are the 3 biggest workplace trends for 2023

Today’s workforce wants to feel both appreciated and adequately compensated for the time, work and effort they put into a company, and now expect yearly scheduled raises, cost-of-living raises and other inflation-related adjustments as well as bonuses in response to exceptional work, writes Jobbio contributor By Suzie Coen on Euronews.

Given the ongoing talent crunch in the employment market, it’s no surprise that many large employers are turning to comprehensive and generous benefits packages to attract and retain top talent into 2023.

Make friends with benefits: Euronews Jobs

Why January is the best time to get a new job

January is actually one of the best months to get a new job, discovers Jobbio contributor Susan Armstrong on The Next Web. Surprised? You’re not alone. Most people presume looking for a job early in the new year is futile, but that’s a myth. 

Hiring is a year-round process, and there’s never a bad time to apply for a job. What’s more, right now is actually one of the best times to apply. For one, companies want to hit the ground running in the new year and employ the right people to take them through 2023 and beyond.

Get a fresh start: House of Talent Jobs

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