Inside Jobbio: Aoibhinn Mc Bride, Content Editor

Inside Jobbio: Meet Aoibhinn Mc Bride
Ever wondered what makes Jobbio tick?

Welcome to “Inside Jobbio”, a series where we introduce the people behind Jobbio and reveal a little about what professionally motivates and inspires them.

In our first instalment, we met Owen Reynolds, Head of Marketing. Owen told us how he pivoted into tech, why he values autonomy, learning new skills, and why he’s always game to pitch in. 

In the second part of our series, we meet Aoibhinn McBride, our talented content editor who works hard to produce engaging and insightful content for our publishing partners. Valuing teamwork, collaboration and a supportive work environment, she brings a huge wealth of international journalism experience to her job.

Aoibhinn Mc Bride

Name: Aoibhinn Mc Bride

Job title: Content Editor on Jobbio’s content team.

Educational background: I did a BA in UCD in English and History and then dabbled with the idea of doing law, so did a Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Studies in DIT before doing a complete 180˚ and moving to London to study Fashion Journalism at the London College of Fashion. 

What was your career path to getting this job?

My career has been varied and unconventional as I initially started out in the corporate world before moving to journalism, where I stayed for over 10 years before moving to tech. 

My first grown up job was with AIB, working in one of its accounting departments, I’ve interned for Irish publications, worked as a fashion assistant for Woman magazine in London, edited a B2B hairdressing magazine, was one of the founding members of, I have worked in New York for Mail Online, I was the digital editor for Grazia Middle East in Dubai and have also been a commercial content editor for DMG Media in Ireland before moving to Jobbio.

The common thread throughout my career is that I’m drawn to industries and roles that focus on finding innovative ways of doing things

How has your previous experience informed your current role?

I think the common thread throughout my career is that I’m drawn to industries and roles that focus on finding innovative ways of doing things and pioneering new technologies. 

When I started in journalism, print media ruled and digital media wasn’t even a part of the conversation. So it’s been really interesting to be at the forefront of digital media and experience its evolution from infancy to the behemoth it is today. 

"I think a culture of collaboration and teamwork is hugely important"

How did you land your first role in tech?

This is my first foray into tech but it seemed like the logical next step in my career. I had worked with both Rosaleen (McMeel, the director of publishing) and Kirstie (McDermott, senior content manager) before so knew I would be joining an incredibly talented team and had no hesitation in applying for my role. 

How long have you worked at Jobbio? 

I joined in October 2022, so nearly two years. 

What skills or characteristics do you value in your colleagues? 

I think a culture of collaboration and teamwork is hugely important, along with a can-do attitude to try new things, not only on my team but across departments. 

What does your job entail? 

I research, write and edit thought-leading career advice, interviews and tech industry insights for the Amply network which has over 100 publishers. I also lead the social media strategy for Jobbio’s social media accounts.

What work-related phrase are you known for? 

Probably “I need another coffee”, or “I need to stop talking and get this finished”. 

What’s your favourite thing about your job? 

It sounds cheesy but it’s the people. There’s a really positive workplace culture and lots of flexibility which is important to me as a parent. 

What’s your best piece of career advice for someone looking to get a similar role? 

My advice to anyone who has a background in journalism or media but wants to try something new is, go for it. 

Making the move from traditional media to tech has been incredibly fulfilling professionally and has given me the platform to research and write about cutting-edge topics that are increasingly relevant to our everyday lives including AI, blockchain and the future of work. 

What’s the one thing you always do at work to help you succeed? 

I think being open to new ideas and constantly looking for new ways to improve is the key to success, whether that’s adopting a new productivity tool, pivoting to a new industry or reevaluating how you do things day-to-day. At the risk of sounding like an Instagram quote, if you don’t embrace change, you’ll never grow professionally or personally. 

What’s the one thing you think you should never do at work? 

Swear or talk about your children constantly but I do both of these things, so there’s definitely some room for improvement there…

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