The 6 People You’ll Find In Every Office

By May 24, 2017For Talent

In every office, there’s a wide range of people and personalities, each with their role to play:

The parent

Doling out advice and stern looks on the reg, this office member is integral to your team dynamic. They’re always the first to ask how you’re feeling after a day out sick and to bring you back to earth when your choice of lunch or outfit is beyond the pale. They bring out the teenager in you every now and then but you wouldn’t change them for the world. Most of the time.


The organiser

This person has an amazing aptitude for organisation. Their week’s lunches are prepared on Sunday nights, along with their outfits and social activities. Their Google calendar is pristine and if you book in a meeting with them, you better be on time. Their contribution to office events is unrivalled as they look after the logistics of every birthday, Christmas and ad-hoc outing.

The space denier

You should call them toast because they enjoy getting all up in your grill so much eh?

This person likes to take a keen interest in the lives of their colleagues and often blurs the line between professional and personal. It’s usually with the best of intentions but every now and then you just need to take a step back.


The one who’s always late

This person is constantly running behind and is always in a rush. As well as that they suffer from severe car troubles, frequent bus issues, alarm clock ailments and yet still manage to make their deadlines. You’re not sure if you’re full of admiration or jealousy.

The feeder

Every office has one person who obsesses about food more than the rest of you. Their main point of conversation is lunch: How far away is lunch? What will they eat for lunch? What are you having for lunch? They’re the first to suggest sweets and treats and are universally loved and loathed for this very reason.


The social overachiever

You dread the inevitable Monday morning chats with this person. They regale you with tales of far off lands, exciting adventure sports, worthwhile fundraising and cocktails with Kanye. (He’s an old family friend.) Meanwhile, all you have to offer in return is your substandard weekend of Netflix and chilli fries. How about them Gilmore Girls though?

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