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By March 2, 2018For Talent

A little snow didn’t cool your passion for careers’ news this week. Check out our most read blog articles.

Surplus of UK jobs in health and hospitality

Low unemployment in the UK has lead to record job vacancies in the health and hospitality sectors, according to the Office for National Statistics. Economist Ian Brinkley from the Chartered Institute of Personal Development said the surplus of jobs isn’t down to Brexit or even a lack of skills. 

The changing face of your news feed

The new Facebook algorithm means that publishers and businesses will find it harder to reach audiences organically. Only content that generates discussion will rank, marking the end to the ‘liked and shared’ competition spam. The new changes will also see a renewed focus on influencer marketing.

The blizzard of odd

How about that unseasonable weather, eh? You’ve felt the wrath of the Beast from the East, now you must suffer these 6 dreadful snowday related jokes. Snow good, they’re bad.

Meet the startup using AI to revolutionise femcare

“The stigma around menstruation is intrinsically linked to sexism. Periods are seen as a loaded signifier of women’s sexuality, which is inherently sinful, traditionally.”

We spoke to Affi Parvizi-Wayne, Founder of Freda, about shedding the negative connotations attached to periods and moving towards gender equality.

Toxic work environments and how to combat them

Every workplace has its frustrations – annoying people, cumbersome processes or even inefficient technology. However, there are certain things you simply should not tolerate in the workplace, bullying, for example, or harassment of any kind. In this piece, Annika Fogarty talks about how to recognise what you can change about a poor work environment and how your own attitude can impact others.

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