#Friday5 – The most dangerous jobs in the US right now

By March 16, 2018For Talent

Kick off your weekend right with a recap of our top stories in this week’s #Friday5.

These are the most dangerous jobs in the US right now

Every job has its ups and downs but what if your job put your health or even life at risk? New figures from the Bureau of Labour Statistics reveal the 9 jobs in America with the highest fatality rate and the average salary for each.

Everything you need to know about moving to Toronto

If you’ve got designs on a Canadian move our latest guide to living and working in Toronto is a must-read. We’ve spoken to expats and locals to get a sense of what the city is all about and how to navigate it in those first few weeks. From average salaries to rental costs to the best shopping spots, your pals at Jobbio have got you covered!

8 Irish inventions that changed the world

Natives of the Emerald Isle are renowned for many things – our contribution to music, literature and general merriment being top of mind. But did you know that the hypodermic needle, cheese and onion crisps and sparkling water were also the brainchildren of Irish inventors? To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day we look at 8 products you never knew were Irish. (Bono not included.)

Nostalgia nirvana

This week Wanle released a new iPhone cover with 10 old school games built in, including Snake and Tetris. It got us thinking about the wider cultural trend appearing: the vintage phenomenon. In this piece, we explore the rising popularity of 80s and 90s revivals from Stranger Things to polaroids. Walkmans at the ready!

How I got my job as happiness officer

Julie Whish brings a whole new meaning to the phrase work happy! She’s the Culture Specialist and Happiness Officer at Uberflip and it’s her job to keep the team engaged, motivated and happy. We caught up with her to see if it’s really all fun and games.

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