#Friday5 – UK working fathers let down by government policy

By March 23, 2018For Talent

Happy Friday pals! Kickstart your weekend by looking back at our top blog stories this week.

7 habits for staying in shape

Do you struggle to maintain your fitness while working full time? In this piece, personal trainer, Nigel Lyons, takes us through how to stay in shape without having to go to the gym everyday. Hurrah!

UK working fathers let down by government policy

A new report by British MPs has found that working fathers are not receiving enough legislative support. Maria Miller, Chair of the Women and Equalities Committee, has said that a large part of the issue is an archaic view of the roles of men and women. “Workplace policies have not kept up with the social changes in people’s everyday lives,” she said. The report makes a number of recommendations to improve fathers’ rights including higher paternity leave pay and increased rights for casual workers.

How Byte Back are breaking barriers for DC’s unemployed

“Someone could have core talents and the ability to learn really fast but if you’re saying from the get-go that you need to start with a high level of skill and companies are unwilling to invest in training, then we’re just replicating systems of oppression, inequality and limited access.” We spoke to the Executive Director of Byte Back, Elizabeth Lindsey about the class divide in the US and how skills training is key to a more diverse workforce.

Tattoo taboo

The days of discriminating against people based on their appearance are over. Or are they? A recent survey of recruiters found that 1 in 4 would reject a suitable candidate if they had a visible tattoo, while 46% of respondents said they felt a tattoo showed a lack of professionalism. Why are tattoos still such a taboo?

Podcast review: How I built this with Guy Raz

Want to hear the story behind businesses like Bumble and Buzzfeed? Then ‘How I Built This with Guy Raz’ could be right up your street. Each episode features interviews with founders detailing how they became successful. Entertaining and informative, this is a podcast for the budding entrepreneur in you.

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