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By February 9, 2018For Talent

Happy Friday! Kickstart your weekend with our 5 top blog picks this week:

1 in 5 highly engaged workers at risk of burnout

Being absorbed in your work is often seen as a positive, an indication of your dedication to your role and a good work ethic. But at what cost? Research by the Harvard Business Review states that high engagement can be detrimental if workers don’t have a good work-life balance. Of the 1000 people surveyed, 1 in 5 reported high levels of engagement and high levels of burnout.

Corporations need to get off the diversity bandwagon

February marks LGBT History month in the UK, a celebration of the human rights movements and political developments that have brought us closer to a more equal and inclusive society. But behind the corporate social engagement and diversity branding, are companies really doing their bit to promote an inclusive workplace?

UK Government introduces protections for flexible workers

Following the Taylor Review, Government reforms will see increased rights for casual and zero-hour workers as well as unpaid interns. Such rights include holiday and sick day entitlements for vulnerable workers with the government also pledging responsibility for the number of these jobs available.

People divided over dogs in the workplace

Our four legged friends have been known to raise many a spirit and a productivity level around the office. However, a new study by YouGov reveals that almost a third of people don’t encourage dogs in the workplace with a further 28% saying they’d be ambivalent to the idea. They must be barking mad!

How VR changed the world

As tech continues to evolve so too do our lives – from how we communicate to how we manage our money to how we work. In this piece we explore the transformative nature of VR and look at how will it impact industries such as porn and education.

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