#Friday5 – Dame Stephanie Shirley, Holocaust Survivor and Feminist Icon

By April 6, 2018For Talent

Happy Friday everyone! Hopefully by now you’ve recovered from your Easter chocolate hangover. We had some great articles this week, including an interview with Stephanie Shirley and a great Work Quirks piece. They’re sure to keep you entertained through the weekend, and you can thank us later!

Epic fail

Ever heard of Sproose? They’re a service platform that partners with local businesses near you to accommodate for all your laundry needs. Nowadays, their site is used by hundreds of global companies, delivering great employee benefits for over 50,000+ staff members. But things haven’t always been plain sailing. We caught up with CEO Conor Wilson to discuss the speed bumps he encountered along the way. He told us about bad business model, rejections, Dragon’s Den disasters, and quitting his job early.

All About Steve

Dame Stephanie Shirley never gave up, a Jewish refugee from Nazi-occupied Europe who went on to fight against sexism in tech and the gender pay gap in 1960s Britain. She endured years of men not taking her seriously, so much so she was forced to use ‘Steve’ as a pseudonym. Truly an inspiration, Shirley created a women friendly business, and a £2.6bn empire. Read the full interview with her here.

Blame Zuckerberg

How will your job be affected by the latest tech scandal? Probably more than you expect. Now that the world knows of the shady uses for our personal info, a momentous shift can be anticipated in several different industries. Find out whether your career will suffer or prosper in the new post Cambridge Analytica world!

Get Tatted Up

Last week we looked at how sometimes workplaces still discriminate against employees with tattoos. But this week we have better news for ink fans, TINSEL Experiential Design offer their employees tattoos completely free of charge! Find out more about this bizzarre perk and more in this week’s #WORKQUIRKS piece.

Time For Some Self Care

Although there’s tonnes of mental health related podcasts available online, there’s none quite like Dr Robert Duff’s ‘Hardcore Self Help Podcast’. This Southern Californian therapist gives all the best tips and tricks for balancing your mental health with a busy work life. Read our full review online now!



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