Study Determines The Top 5 Colours You Should Wear to an Interview

By June 21, 2018For Talent

Interviews are daunting. You have to research the company, prepare your interview answers beforehand and try to at least appear confident and at ease. Plus there’s always the added concern, what should I wear?

Whether you’re going for an interview at a large multi-national corporation or a tiny startup it is often hard to know how to dress the part. If you’re unsure it usually helps to follow the golden rule; dress for the job you want.

According to new research using confidence boosting techniques like power-dressing can actually help you to get ahead in your career.

A recent study conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Trunk Club examined how successful people have progressed in their careers and the impact of personal style on career development.

The study found that feeling confident is the number one step to getting ahead in your career and how a person dresses is one of the top six factors for career success.

The 2,000 survey respondents were also asked what colours make them feel most confident. Black topped the list with blue, red, white and navy rounding out the top five.

Linda Bartman, chief operating officer at Trunk Club explains further stating, ”Feeling comfortable in your clothing is a simple and easy way to boost your confidence at work.”

“We found that nearly 60% of people have a go-to outfit that boosts their confidence for a big day in the office.”

The survey also found that people alter their dress sense when they want to move up the career ladder. 55% of professionals have evolved their dress to help them to appear more professional in order to get ahead in their careers.

Unsurprisingly, most a half (48%) say they dress more professionally as they progress in their career.

So, before your next interview make sure you dress the part and wear something that makes you feel confident. It might make all the difference.



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