#WorkQuirks: The Best Christmas Employee Perks

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Are you in the festive spirit yet? Here is your roundup of the best Christmas perks from around the world.

Ski trip, Diablo Media

US-based Diablo Media takes employees on an all-day outing that involves free food, an open bar and transportation home for anyone who wants to drink. But that’s not all because the next day there is a company ski trip. If you don’t like skiing, don’t fret. You can just take the day off.

Staff Christmas trip, Salad

Dorset-based creative agency Salad made the news last year because of their pretty impressive Christmas party. Founder and CEO, Arabella Lewis-Smith flew her 20-person team to Spain for three days to celebrate their hard work.  The mini-break included yoga classes, Christmas markets and lots of cocktails which sounds like the perfect way to celebrate the season.

Snow Days- Burton

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Burton Snowboards has a snow days policy. If more than two feet of snow falls within 24 hours then employees are allowed to take the day off to make the most of the fresh powder. The company also offers flexible working hours so employees can ride before work in the winter or make the most of the weekends in the summer.

Skip Christmas, Spotify

The holiday season isn’t for everyone. While days off are always welcome what if you would rather use them at a different time of year? Well, at Spotify you can do just that. Last year they announced a new public holiday policy. Employees can choose to work on a public holiday and take that day off some other time.

Complete your New Year’s resolution, Acceleration Partners

This digital-marketing company helps their employees to achieve their personal goals. According to Inc., one employee said she wanted to guest lecture at a university so founder Robert Glazer arranged the opportunity at MIT. Not too shabby!

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