How Jobbio is Fighting Inequality (and You Can Too)

By February 10, 2019For Companies, For Talent

Inequality is alive and well. If anyone tells you differently then you might want to introduce them to our #ShatterTheGlass campaign.

As you may have already heard, we decided to conduct some research into the salaries of men and women in senior roles in the tech sector. The results speak for themselves.

But while we can be shocked at the statistics and disheartened about the unfairness of it all, that doesn’t exactly change things.

Shaking your head in disapproval won’t help people to discuss this issue more openly. Angrily tutting while you hear the figures won’t help instigate equal pay for equal work. But you know what will help?

Talking to your friends, debating with your colleagues, and openly talking about your salary. Those are the things that will help us beat this discrimination once and for all.


We need to stop shying away from the topic. We need to stop accepting that this is the way things are. We need change. And change isn’t going to come to us unless men and women demand equality for everyone.

The onus is of course not just on individuals, companies have their part to play too.

After conducting our research we decided that we needed to do something. So, we set up our #ShatterTheGlass jobs channel. The channel is populated by companies that have equality policies in place, have a high number of females in leadership roles or companies that are dedicated to ending the gender pay gap.

So far we’ve seen a huge number of companies come on board with brands like Shazam, Revolut and Seedrs all posting their jobs to the channel.

The channel is a place to really champion these brands and show the rest of the world that equality can positively affect your staff and your company as a whole.

Slowly but surely society is waking up to the inequalities that still exist. Companies can no longer sit idly on the sidelines. If you want to attract and engage top talent then you need to show them that your company has the right culture. You need to show them that you’re fair and unbiased.

Our channel may be a small step towards this but it is a step in the right direction. We want to highlight companies doing their bit and in turn hopefully, they will be rewarded with excellent candidates.

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