After Zoom drinks and quizzes, what else can companies do during the Coronavirus outbreak?

There are some great Zoom alternatives that companies should try out.

So by now, we’re all fairly accustomed to our “new norm” right? We’ve been working from home for a few months at this stage, so we know the drill. We’ve done countless Zoom coffee mornings, virtual quizzes and online drinks. And as great as these things are for morale, there are other things that businesses can do to keep staff happy during this strange time. 

So what are these Zoom alternatives? 

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Help you up-skill 

Just because you’re working from home, doesn’t mean you can’t take this opportunity to up-skill in some way. Has there been an online course or certificate you’ve wanted to do for a while, but just haven’t gotten around to it? Well, now might be the perfect opportunity to sign up!

If you’re an employer, keep an eye out for people who may wish to up-skill, offer them your advice, and allow them to sign up on for courses if company budgets allow. They’ll appreciate it! 

Offer flexibility

One thing people are really struggling with during this extended period of working from home is balancing everything at once. All of a sudden you’re in your home all day, surrounded by friends, family, children or room mates. Needless to say, the concentration levels are not at their best, right?

Companies need to be understanding about this, and offer as much flexibility to staff as possible. If that means less rigid working hours, or the odd half day, so be it! 

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Engaging activities 

Listen, we all enjoyed the coffee catch ups, the Friday drinks and of course, the virtual quizzes. Don’t get me wrong, they were (and still are) very fun, however, it might be time to think outside the box. If you’re look for inspiration actually, one Dublin-based company, Event Fuel, has launched a service to help companies boost employee engagement. 

ENGAGE is designed to drive your internal employee engagement, connectivity and creativity through a bespoke programme of virtual content. It covers a wide range of activities across arts, fitness, wellbeing, cooking, dancing and gardening, as well as entertainment such as live concerts and quiz nights.

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The topic of working from home has always historically sparked the ‘trust’ discussion. And right now, your employees need your trust more than ever. Yes, working from home can be tricky, but you must trust that your employees are doing the best that they can, given the current situation. Showing that trust will benefit your business, and your employer brand, in the long run. 

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