5 Ways to Overcome Your Nagging Inner Critic

By October 20, 2020For Talent

Ever have to deal with that snarky little inner critic?

The familiar internal dialogue that ridicules and torments you about a hundred and one things – all at the same time?

This bad boy revs up the part of you that rejects progress. It’s the inner killjoy that won’t let you have fun. The part that always says no to taking risks or to enjoying success for just one dang moment. It’s the turbocharged taskmaster that won’t allow you to lower tired shoulders from time to time.

Both personally and in my professional life as a confidence coach, I’ve come to realise that this occasionally paralysing inner critic is an enemy we all need to confront.

So what can you do to manage unruly thoughts? To boot those energy-sapping ‘but what ifs?’ into submission?

Start here
Here are 5 self-confidence boosting statements you need to align yourself with the next time a negative train of thought starts crowding in.

1. I acknowledge that feeling upbeat and positive is a choice.

A little self-awareness goes a long way! Know that you have the absolute power to move away from passing, self-defeating thoughts that make you feel bad about yourself or your current choices.

2. I realise that downtime is essential.

In a hectic world, our downtime can be limited and practically sacrosanct. Remind yourself of that often. Why? Because without it you can‘t hope to preserve your sanity and sense of self. Don’t feel guilty when you find precious time to relax. Cut yourself some slack!

Go to the theatre, the gym, curl up with a great book, watch a bit of TV, go to bed earlier – whatever you need to step away from the feeling of always needing to create and perform.

3. I understand that things out of my control can frustrate and annoy me.

Try to identify what‘s making you feel this way? Are you disappointed by something? Did you have an argument with someone? Once you get to the heart of your angst, you can take the first steps to turning the situation around.

4. I choose to be my own best friend and cheerleader.

When the chips are down and something‘s gnawing at you, try to tap into the best cheerleader in town – your own inner sense of fairness and positivity. A bit of self-love and kind self-talk can go a long way when you’re figuring out the best way ahead.

5. I know that a negative mood can be turned on its head.

Remember this – you are not your thoughts! We all have low energy days from time to time. And when you acknowledge that? You’ll definitely find you can bounce back more easily from any short-term self-doubt.

The big takeaway?
The greatest gift you can give yourself is self-belief. Learn that a negative frame of mind really can be upended. Released. Rejected. Booted out!

So don’t be afraid of negative thoughts. We all have them! Instead, try to see them as a bit of temporary signal interference when you’re listening to your favourite channel on the radio.

Fiddle around with the dial a little, find something more cheery. Be patient. Normal upbeat service will soon be resumed. 

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