Jobbio has teamed up with Shaw Academy to help support the job market

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How exciting! 

We have some great news to share with all you lovely people. Here at Jobbio, we’ve teamed up with Shaw Academy, to help support the job market in Ireland and the UK. 

The new platform, Shaw Academy Careers, has been designed to give students easier access to job opportunities at startups and tech companies. Pretty good stuff. 

Shaw Academy offers education without limitations. Whether you are a full time professional, part-time worker, someone looking for a career change or starting your own venture, it’s never too late to learn. Shaw Academy make it easy to get real qualifications which lead to real success, empowering hundreds of thousands of new students each month all over the world.

In order to access this new job board, you need to be a registered student of Shaw Academy. When you are logged in doing your course, you’ll see the job board – with relevant jobs promoted depending on what course you are doing.

shaw academy

Commenting on the new partnership, James Egan, Founder and CEO of Shaw Academy said: “Students come to Shaw Academy looking to transform, and our aim is to provide them with the tools to go forth and succeed.”

“A large majority are looking to progress professionally – and now, through the Shaw Careers partnership with Jobbio, we’ll able to create a ready-made outcome – supporting the student from starting a course to landing a new job. We’re proud to be supporting professionals while the labour market faces challenges, and look forward to helping some of our students land their dream role.”

shaw academy

Echoing James’ sentiments, Jobbio’s CEO, Stephen Quinn, said: “We’re really excited about adding Shaw Academy to our growing list of publishers and community partners globally. Shaw Academy offers its students courses to up-skill and re-skill so they can advance their careers. So naturally, Jobbio teaming up with Shaw Academy feels like the perfect partnership.”

Head on over to Shaw Academy now to learn more about this new partnership! 

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