Mental health at work, side hustles & Venus and Serena are inspiring women

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As our Amply network grows internationally, so does our editorial focus. Each week we write about trending topics and the issues affecting workers right now. On City AM, we look at how workplaces are finally starting to take mental health seriously. Over on our partner Mediatel, side hustles are in focus: beloved of so many as passion projects and extra earners, can they harm your day job? And on Alt A Review, we take a look at how Serena and Venus Williams are investing in the careers of Black women with tech investment. 

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mental health at work

It’s time your employer started taking mental health seriously

According to mental health charity Mind, one in four of us will experience a mental-health problem this year, and one in six report experiencing a common mental health problem such as anxiety or depression, in any given week in England, writes senior content manager Kirstie McDermott on City AM.

But whatever about managing your mental health on our own time, when it comes to the workplace, it can be another matter. Thirty-two percent of employees have said they were treated differently by their manager when they came back to work having been off sick with a mental illness diagnosis, and 20% felt their fellow colleagues’ attitudes towards them had changed.


How your side hustle can hurt your career

Second jobs or ‘side hustles’ have exploded in popularity in recent years, writes Jobbio contributor Suzie Coen on Mediatel. And with many countries experiencing a cost-of-living crisis and about to enter into a recession, it’s easy to see the appeal.

While some have simply monetised their existing passions and found a way to profit from hobbies discovered during lockdown, others now need a secondary source of income to offset that nagging balance on credit cards, mounting energy bills and record food and fuel prices. But, she warns, in some cases, the wrong side hustle could put you at risk of losing your job.

Double jobbing:

How Venus and Serena Inspire Women To take up Tech Careers

With twenty-three grand slam titles, she is a role model to generations of little girls born into the ‘if you can see it you can be it’ era, Jobbio contributor Aisling O’Toole writes on Alt A Review about the impact Serena Williams has had on women and sport. 

And now, Serena and sister Venus are inspiring a whole new cohort of women, this time with their support of the tech sector. The Williams sisters’ interest in tech is no passing fancy, the pair have actually been involved at ground level with several startups, and are committed to supporting women in tech. Serena is also heavily interested in African companies, believing that Black people should invest in Africa.

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